Sugar-coated pralines

A praline is a nut coated with crystallized sugar ultimately showing a bumpy or orange-peel surface. It is still a traditional know-how.

Updated Aug 03, 2021 - 10 min Read


Core products

The core is a nut, generally a peanut or an almond.The coating dramatically increases the size of the nut.



The ingredient list used in the application is fairly short:

  • Caster sugar as a base
  • Vegetable oil to prevent agglomeration and burning


How does it work?

First, a highly concentrated sugar syrup is prepared:
Pour a small quantity of water into a boiling pan
Add a large quantity of caster sugar to the pan
Bring to a boiling point
Boil until the required sugar concentration is achieved but without burning
Keep the prepared syrup lightly boiling
Have a separate sugar syrup coloured bright red. Add it as the last coating
The coating operation itself runs as follows.


Pour the nuts in a rotating pan


Pour a ladle of sugar syrup onto the nuts


Wait for the syrup to disperse and quickly crystallize on the nuts


Repeat 2nd and 3rd operation until the desired size is achieved


Complete the coating with the addition of the coloured sugar syrup


Coating system

The successive liquid applications occur in a batch coating pan equipped with an air fan.
Syrup additions are usually made manually to keep the process flexible.
The limited quantities, the high concentration of the syrup, the final addition of colours which may differ make it difficult to mechanize the process.


Coating system

Coating pan – traditionally made of copper now replaced by stainless steel.


How do you measure your success?

Key quality features

The product has typical features

Sugar coating

It shows bumps but is evenly distributed. No cracks


Red is the standard. No white spots


The apprentely hard sugar coating is brittle under a crunch

Key quality parameters

The process displays critical factors to control

Sugar syrup

High concentration to quicken the crystalization


Timely addition of the syrup to build up the layer without burning


Ventilation to ensure the drying of the sugar layer without generating dust