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Experimenting the process of a coating application

Food Coating Expertise (FCE) provides assistance at several stages of a coating project: product formulation, ingredient sourcing, experiment supervision, equipment design, process engineering, plant implementation and production audit. … It requires product, ingredient and equipment to combine into a process.

The coating consists of the application of ingredients – liquid or powder – on a food product. All kinds of products can be coated.

The scope may be palatability, preservation, adding a barrier, or just handling.

The coating is done in various ways (dribbling, spraying, dipping, mixing) involving a set of peripherals like mixing, heating, and dosing, to name a few.

The coating step itself is inserted in a production process between a forming process and a finishing step.

We don’t achieve the coating until the topical layer is set and the product can be further processed and packed.

The whole operation is submitted to the procedures and regulations attached to a food production (recipe change, hygiene, cleaning, maintenance, ISO…)


About FCE

FCE is issued by a system manufacturer with large experience acquired in solving multiple liquid and powder application problems for various industries. The purpose is to extend the scope of activity to service and consultancy, but concentrating in the food coating specifically. FCE helps in making things work, either existing or new.

“ Expertise lies in combining facts, coordinating acts and bridging gaps. It is as much hands-on practice as a learned science. ”

Loic Denoyelle

Founder of FCE


The platform that helps
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A coating application is usually a long experience, full of stops and starts. The coating combines numeral factors to achieve a satisfactory result. Many actors are involved (ingredient producers, machine manufacturers, R&D, engineering, marketing, and quality staff, to name a few), each of them having a nugget or a treasure of knowledge to share.

Plant implementation

Assembling the elements of the puzzle in its frame.


Testing the critical step on quantity large enough to scale up.


Adapting a designing solution to handle both product and ingredients.


Assembling the elements of the puzzle in its frame.


Testing the critical step on quantity large enough to scale up.


Adapting a designing solution to handle both product and ingredients.

“ Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. ”

Henry Ford

Founder of the Ford Motor Company


The FCE experts

Bringing together knowledge and practice in food development, process engineering and implementation.

Loïc Denoyelle

In parallel with assignments in food engineering, extrusion, coating and spraying, I have been involved in Food Coating Expertise since its origin in 2005, developing and implementing coating processes.

Thierry Carbonell

With an experience in the manufacturing and installation of powder transfer systems, I created Sugar Inprocess specializing in the engineering of complete plants for sugar transfer and related powder applications.

Frédéric Menguy

Previously Production Manager at the confectionery manufacturer Dragées Pecou, I wished to combine theory with the talents of practice and assist innovative artisans as well as established industries.

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