Mixing cereals and fruits in a granola mix

Granola is a mix of sweet appealing ingredients coated into a syrup to form bite-size chunks or bars 

Updated Oct 29, 2021 - 10 min Read


Core products

The core products are milled, rolled, cooked, or expanded cereals enhanced with seeds, nuts, fruits particles.



The core products are mixed and coated with a syrup which will bind them. The syrup is formulated to ensure agglomeration, taste. The recipe are now driven by nutritional expectations.

  • beet and cane sugar, molasses
  • oil and fat
  • fibers
  • flavours

Depending on the proportions, the granola mix will retain a soft or crunchy bite after the finishing drying stage.


How does it work?

The dry core products are mixed prior to be blended in a syrup. The syrup is prepared separately by mixing, heating, melting the various ingredients. The syrup is poured on the dry mix and stirred until complete dispersion ; it forms a sticky viscous mass. Depending on the final product definition, it is either formed and cooled or spread and dried.


Dry ingredient mixing


Syrup addition and mixing




Coating system

The coating system can work batchwise or continuously. The motion system may rely respectively on an agitator in a vat or a screw system


Coating system

A continuous sytem offers a short residence time and ensures a consistent texture. The motion device must stir the viscous and dry mix intimately without damaging the particles


How do you measure your success?

Key quality features

A sweet taste is not the sole criterium


It is either chewy or crunchy


Moisture migration or intake does not affect the texture

Product integrity

Preserved ingredient shapes for a chewy granola. No fines or too small particles for a dry

Key quality parameters

The long and complex process uses multiple parameters.


Temperature profile over time during the mixing, setting, forming, drying to achieve the proper crispiness or chewyness

Design and operation

The mixing motion must be thorough without damaging the ingredients


The multiplicity of ingredients requires a careful dosage